RK3588- Is It Worth Buying?

RK3588- Is It Worth Buying?

Rockchip rk3588 is one of the most prominent products. The incredible features of the products have the credibility to cope with the advanced level of AI computing. However, the product also has high-performance frequency as well as being active in limiting power consumption. RK3588 is also suitable in numerous situations like cloud terminal, information release terminal, industrial control, and so on.

As the title of the article suggests, it will convey some specific reasons which will clear the vision of whether one should buy RK3588 or not. Additionally, it will also illustrate the advantages and applications of the product too.

What’s So Special About RK3588?

This section of the content will put forward the features of the product.

· Performance

The product has Quad-core Cortex-A76 and quad-core Cortex-A55 along with built-in NPU up to 6TOPs. It also provides GPU Mali-G610 MP4. RK3588 is compatible with Android 12 OS or Linux

· Peripheral Interfaces

RK3588 supports USB2.0 * 1, Type-C *1, USB3.0 * 1, Debug(Type-C) * 1, Uart to USB (MiniUSB) *1, Earphone * 1, JTAG * 1

· Display Capacity

High-resolution capacity can be obtained from this product like HDMI IN * 1, HDMI OUT * 2, VGA * 1

· Build-in Credibility

The build feature installed in this product is MIPI CSI * 2, MIPI D/C PHY * 1, SATA * 2, PCIe * 1, MIPI DSI * 1, MIC * 2

· Network Capability

WIFI6 (2.4G+5.8G), BT5.0, and Gigabit Ethernet * 2 are the network credibility of RK3588.

Applications Of RK3588

This section will elaborate on the application juncture of the product

· Cloud Terminal

The product is much more efficient in the cloud terminal background. It's nothing but a way through which merchants make payments with the help of certain software.

· IoT Gateway

RK3588 is helpful to look at the data resources which play a vital part in networking sites and their functioning. It also helps in connecting two distinguished networks.

· Multimedia Advertising Machine

The product is beneficial in multimedia advertising. It assists in the graphic designing or animation structure of a product or service to present it in the market.

· Artificial Intelligence Field

AI refers to the system which mimics a human and tries to figure out anyone's taste and senses based on collected data. However, the product RK3588 helps to figure out the algorithms of an individual.

Why Buy RK3588- Advantages

This section will speak up about the advantages of RK3588.

· Video Capacity

The product supports mainly 32-channel 1080P video decoding.

· Screen Splitting

It also has screen-spitting characteristics. The product can be split into 4 screens at the same time.

· High-Speed Interfaces

The product has high-speed interfaces that support Ethernet, SATA, multiple channel network and more.

· Power Credibility

Built with high-performance CPU and GPU support, they remain no less than an actual computer mainboard. They can support high-capacity CPU for high power credibility.


The audience can grab this product from Geniatech. This brand provides high-quality devices at a minimal price range. However, to know more about the band and its product the audience can scroll down its website.