Fixed Speed Compressors Are Better Than Variable Speed Compressors. Why?

Fixed Speed Compressors Are Better Than Variable Speed Compressors. Why?

If you are a person belonging to some business field then you would agree that there are various critical decisions in it. Sometimes a person becomes so confused in the selection of a tool that both sides are benefiting yet one needs to be selected. In most industries, the major decisions are made according to the benefits and cost of the tool.

Most of the business community is confused between fixed-speed compressors and variable-speed compressors. Both types of compressors are crucial for working and providing maximum benefits as you can go now and check here. In major situations, the decision is made based on the production rate along with the cost of installing the instrument.

Fixed Speed Compressors

Fixed-speed screw compressors are the ones that compress and operate with a constant supply. The voltage required by its motor is fixed and hence the rotary screws work consistently. The work is done in a way that constant pressure of air is created with the fixed pulling speed by the system.

The motor will work at a fixed rate no matter what if you have reduced the load. While using such types of air compressors there would be very less pressure produced on the storage tanks. This is only possible because the compressed air is mostly depleting.

When the pressure touches the desired value the motor of the system again starts working to pull more air into the system. This would create extra energy consumption in starting and stopping the motor.

Variable Speed Compressors

Variable speed compressors are considered to have a specialized system through which they alter the speed of the working system. The rotors of the motor work accordingly to match the demand of the air pressure of the load. This will fluctuate the speed of the entire system to get the desired lineup of the output.

The working of the system is that the air compresses at full speed in the compressors especially to inflate the tanks when the pressure is minimum. When the pressure touches the desired value the motor of the system automatically starts working at a minimal speed. This work is done to create constant pressure in the system.

Which One Is Better?

Some business persons considered fixed-speed screw compressors to be the best of all in their work. Some salient features are present in fixed-speed compressors but are not available in variable-speed compressors. It is better to first have a look at the major points which describe the advantages of using fixed-speed screw compressors:


If you are looking for a compressor that provides more output in a short period then fixed-speed compressors are best. The compressors are designed in a way that they can provide an excessive amount of airflow in a very limited time. The working of the compressors would never be defective, rather an efficiently working system would be in front of you.

Energy Saving

In the present time, the most appealing thing to the business communities is the procedures that save their money. Fixed frequency screw compressors are energy-saving as you can first adjust the speed according to your desire. Saving the energy cost is helpful for the other workings as well as budget-friendly.


If you take help from WEMANO which is considered one of the best fixed-speed compressor suppliers and manufacturers then you can get a smart control system. The system will help you to adjust airflow pressure along with the temperature of the system with only a touch button. Even if you are a new person you can easily operate it.

Sum Up

There are different types of compressors available in the market yet you need to be vigilant in the selection of the one that gives you more benefit. Fixed speed compressors and variable speed compressors are facilitating the business community in their corresponding ways. Fixed-speed compressors are considered more attractive to the audience due to their major facilities.